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  1. C Wadge

    The author has written the Porn Plague and Tears and Fears with absolutely no background or professional qualifications to be able to give advice on such sensitive and important matters. The content in these books puts survivors of child sexual abuse and vulnerable young people more at risk with the reckless ideas they suggest (e.g. if you are a survivor of CSA you may be possessed by a bad spirit). Rather than dissuading young people from pornography the Porn Plague lists extreme porn sites and explicit search terms exposing childen and young people to content they would have no idea of unless they read this book. The content in the Porn Plague seems written more for shock value than to actually educate and inform. As a counsellor with many years of experience working with young people who have suffered abuse and having seen first hand the battles and tribulations these young people face because of the abuse they suffered In my opinion these books are potentially very harmful to children and young people and need to be removed from the market.


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