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The Little Dog That Could

Dorothy Lee Donahue

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Dorothy Lee Donahue

Executive Producer Dorothy Lee Donahue’s journey to LIFE CHANGES was a difficult but necessary one for who she became and what she now does in the world. Scholastically tested and recognized as a genius as a child, her intelligence was less than appreciated in a “look good,” “proper” traditional Texan family in Texas City, Texas. During a time and in a place when and where a woman’s place was in the home or at the Bridge Club, Dorothy’s prowess to read books and study was frowned upon, teased and basically had no place in her family or town.

Despite her conditioning, programming and life circumstances, Dorothy finally “escaped” Texas, her family, her husband, and sought a new life for herself. Long before the “Self-Help” Industry existed she sought help for herself and learnings outside of everything she had ever learned. She studied the various religions, the mystics, the philosophers, the physicists and the spiritualists alike. And the more she learned the more she learned that she was once again on the fringe of now her new community. Dorothy was able to acclimate herself to conventional society for awhile by entering the Mortgage Business and quickly moved up the ranks, even as a woman on the fringe, into Management and the Upper Management and Branch Manager and… until she couldn’t take it anymore.

Not long there after, Dorothy realized that there are many people in the world who have suffered or are still suffering the trials and tribulations of the kind of hypocrisy or ignorance that surrounded her. As author, radio host of her own show, Spiritual Teacher and Workshop Leader, she has made it her mission to help people through their life changes on their way to them accepting themselves and loving themselves and each other. Among many other things, Dorothy has also founded and teaches Energetic Alchemy and Conscious Co-Creation courses Internationally.



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