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Life Changing Interview Guests

  • A God's Eye View of the World of Opportunities Ep689
  • Open Up to New Ways of Seeing and Experiencing Ourselves and the World - Ep 640
  • Finding the Hidden Beliefs that Drive Your Life Ep663
  • Animal Hope and Wellness - Show Ep 621
  • How to Draw Out People's Aspirations, Hopes and Dreams - Ep653
  • From Madness to Magic  Ep 631
  • Look for, and Listen to Life's Lessons - Show Ep 613
  • Be the Magic You Wish to See in the World - Ep670
  • Awaken to the Greatest Storehouse of Infinite Knowledge  Ep 641

Life Changing Performance Guests

  • How Aging Can Be Beautiful Ep651-2
  • Performance Guest Singer / Songwriter Sheila
  • Performance Guest Accomplished Vocalist and Performing Artist, Dejah Gomez - Ep690
  • Auschwitz Survivor and Penniless Immigrant to Being Unstoppable - Ep 637-3
  • Performance Guest Singer-Songwriter, Zane Christopher - Ep693
  • Discover How To Recharge Your Life and Ignite Your Power - Ep647-2
  • Shifting Into the Real Age of Aquarius - Ep 612-2
  • Performance Guest Singer / Songwriter, Samuel J - Ep681
  • How to Draw Out People's Aspirations, Hopes and Dreams - Ep653-2

Life Changing Blog Posts

  • Mark Laisure Interview in Insider's Edge - The Abundance Pub
  • The Greatest Collective Rite of Passage Our Species Has Ever Known
  • Bringing Awareness to the Needs of Our World / Planet
  • Non Duo Interview on The LIFE CHANGES Show 10.23.19
  • Transformational Handmade Jewelry & Fine Art Sale - Fall Season 2021
  • FRED Talks - Feeding your Mind
  • I Am The Worst Person Ever
  • Who's Right or Who's Wrong

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