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  2. Zoe Martello

    I had received more bad news from my doctor and struggling already w the endless pain that never gives me a break to just breathe wout crying. Sat. I was looking at my dogs face and thinking who could I leave him to that would love him and my other four dogs. Who would not seperate them or leave them in a shelter? I so desperately want to leave and go to sleep and never wake up to another day of suffering with the constant pain in my back, hips, and legs. And then there is the loneliness and the pain of knowing I have noone but my dogs and I know this will never change because after failed relationships, a marriage, and something I never ever thought would happen but a failed relationship w both of my grown children….Who I kno cant wait for me to die so they can sell my house and land for their interest. Just typing that hurts beyond any words to possibly describe. But, scrolling through Facebook I saw a post for a book…..Ifyousayso. So I left a quick comment and tagged a couple of my girlfriends who I thought would like what I saw. Then by the Grace of God the Author or maybe someone who works for him sent me I think its 5 steps to start applying to my life daily. My naturally negetive programmed mind automatically thought ugggg, ok, maybe for someone else but my pain goes to deep and this uppity successful person doesnt know what im going through. BUT, as I read these very thoughtful and in my gut steps something clicked. So I pray to God these steps do work and this constant urging to die so the pain will stop….they just might slow down or go away. Because I know my dogs need me as I do them and maybe I will find a way to allow humans back into my life. Thank you for giving us this book and exposing us people like me to good souls like the Author. ❤


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